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Administrative Services

The Administrative Services Division is the Executive Branch of the Greenville County Sheriff's Office which oversees the entire operation of the Sheriff's Office.The fifty-two employees assigned to the Administrative Services Division provide support to the following units, which comprise this division:

Accreditation and Grants

This unit maintains our Law Enforcement Accreditation which is granted by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA). The Greenville County Sheriff's Office was the first law enforcement agency in South Carolina to gain national accreditation in 1988 and has maintained this distinction ever since. National Accreditation insures that the citizens of Greenville County receive consistent, professional law enforcement services from the employees of the Sheriff's Office. The Sheriff's Office seeks out grant funding which provides equipment and training while saving local tax dollars.  Over the years many important programs have been funded through grant money.

Center for Advanced Training (CAT)

The Center for Advanced Training provides in-service and advanced training for all sworn deputies of the Sheriff's Office. In addition, the training center was the second law enforcement agency in the state chosen as a distance learning lab for the Criminal Justice Academy. This allows federal, state and local law enforcement to receive training without having to travel; thus allowing more officers to receive training while reducing the costs associated with training.  The CAT has classroom space along with state of the art firing and driving ranges.


The Greenville County Sheriff's Office Chaplains serve the deputies of Greenville County.  They provide Spiritual support and guidance, as well as stress counseling and stress debriefs.  They also support the law enforcement community after hours and through family support and services.   Their mission is the personal well being of all who serve.

Crime Stoppers

In June 1983, a group of concerned citizens and local media joined with law enforcement to form the County's first Crime Stoppers program.  Our local chapter was modeled after the original Crime Stoppers program from1976 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  By following their lead, Greenville's Crime Stoppers chapter has become successful and rewarding. Since the beginning of the Greenville Crime Stoppers program, countless callers have given information about criminal activity in their area.  With this information, more than 5400 cases have been cleared, and more than 1700 individuals have been arrested.  These arrests have led to the recovery of more than one million dollars of stolen goods.  Even the availability of illegal drugs has been affected, since drugs valued at more than one million dollars were recovered due to Crime Stoppers leads.


E-911 provides quality 911 services to the residents of Greenville County. This office also maintains the county's Master Street Guide and provides support to all Public Safety Answering Points within the county.

Emergency Management

The role of Emergency Management is to coordinate resources and efforts to prepare for the response to large scale emergencies and disasters.  The county's Emergency Operations Center is maintained by this group of employees.

K-9 Services

The Sheriff's Office K-9 Unit is comprised of 14 highly trained canines and their handlers. The K-9's are called upon frequently to conduct building searches, apprehend suspects, search for stolen items, guns and illegal drugs. They also assist in the search for lost or missing individuals.

Office of Professional Responsibility

The Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) is responsible for investigating employee related complaints and completing readiness inspections. In 2016, 22 internal affairs cases were investigated, 42 service related cases and 13 shooting investigations. In addition OPR investigated 32 law suits, performed 5 staff inspections, 2 special team inspections and conducted 227 polygraph examinations.

Personnel and Recruiting

As law enforcement agencies struggle to locate and hire nationwide, personnel assigned to this unit continue to use innovative methods to attract qualified candidates. By the use of career fairs and our website, this office receives and processes over 1,000 applications annually for Sheriff's Office positions.

Public Affairs

The Public Affairs Unit is responsible for handling media inquiries, press releases, press conferences, public records requests and many special projects. 

Safe Communities

Safe Communities is dedicated to communicating our Public Safety Mission to the community while responding to the safety concerns of our citizens. This unit participates in numerous coalitions addressing issues of crime prevention, domestic violence, traffic safety and underage drinking.

Technical Services Unit

The Technical Services Unit provides support services to deputies through geographical mapping, crime analysis and audio, photographic and video analysis. These services are critical to the successful conclusion of many cases.