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The Greenville County Security Alarm System Ordinance No 3354 began, and has been enforced since November 1, 2000.

Greenville County contains 4200 miles of roadway within 795 square miles. The Greenville County Sheriffs Office responds to over 1500 false alarms each month. We want to reduce the volume of false alarms and allow deputies to use their time more productively by addressing real crimes.

When possible, deputies will leave an Orange or Green Courtesy Notification at the departure of a false alarm response with their findings. Please address any issues that may be causing a malfunction. Contact your alarm company to obtain information of the activation. Community minded citizens in partnership with Greenville County Sheriff’s Office can overcome problems associated with excessive false alarms. Communication is the best armament to prevent false alarms.

Alarm Ordinance No 3354 Highlights – Click here for Ordinance No 3354 in its entirety.

*All system users are required to obtain an Alarm User’s Permit by registering with the Greenville  County Sheriff’s Office.

* Alarm registration requires an Alarm Registration form with the one time permit fee $10.00.  The permit is not transferable and registration fee is required again to obtain a replacement decal.

Each registered alarm will have two false alarm responses per calendar quarter without penalty. A non registered alarm system user will be fined $50.00 if it is not registered within 15 days of the request to do so. Each subsequent false alarm response in that calendar quarter will incur an excessive service fine of $100.  Calendar quarters are Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, Jul-Sept, and Oct-Dec. A printable brief summary of the ordinance is available here.

Tips to reduce false alarms

1)  Make sure all users and key holders to the property are trained to use the system and know the codes to arm and disarm the system properly including the cancellation procedure of a false activation.

2)  You may have your alarm company call you or a designated user first, before the police, when activated. This is known as verification.

3)  Be sure all windows and doors are tight fitting. Adjust any strike plates so the door only moves a ¼ of an inch. Have an alarming delay that is beneficial to the user and their requirements.

4)  If you expect contractors, real estate agents, custodial crews etc., you must take proper action to ensuring they are familiar with the system as well. It is your responsibility.

For even more useful tips click here.


Alarm Registration / Registration Form

Print and complete the Alarm Registration form with a check or money order in the amount of $10.00 made payable to County of Greenville. The mailing address is:       

                                    County Alarm Billing
                                    4 McGee Street
                                    Greenville, SC 29601

Information on the registration will assist deputies in contacting you if they respond to an alarm and find anything questionable or an actual crime.

If you have any questions, please contact the County Alarm Billing at (864)467-5434 or (864)467-5125.

Appealing False Alarm Fines

The County of Greenville False Alarm Ordinance, Section 11-42 defines a “false alarm” as an alarm signal eliciting notification to and a response by the Sheriff’s Office when there is no evidence of a crime or other activity that warrants a call for Sheriff’s Office assistance unless law enforcement response was canceled before law enforcement arrival at the alarm location.  An alarm is false within the meaning of this article when, upon inspection by the Sheriff’s Office, evidence indicates that no unauthorized entry, robbery, or other such crimes was committed or attempted in or on the premises which would have activated a properly functioning alarm system.

*Appeals will not be granted for false alarms that are the result of:

1.    Faulty or improperly maintained equipment.
2.    Improper installation or maintenance by the alarm business.
3.    Improper monitoring by the alarm business.
4.    An occurrence where no evidence of criminal activity is present.
5.    Mistakes made by, contractors, cleaning crews, children, realtors, etc.
6.    Items within the home or business which move and cause motion detectors to activate,
       i.e. curtains, balloons, signs, etc.
7.    Doors and/or windows that become loose and cause a break in the contacts that activate the
8.    Caretakers who watch the home and/or animals during home owner’s absence.
9.    Pets, rodents, wildlife, or any other animals or insects.
10.   Alarms caused by apartment or property management.

If you feel your activation is within the guidelines and would like to request a review for abatement please submit the following within fifteen days of the activation:

a) A letter addressed to the Alarm Billing Committee explaining your circumstance and actions made to correct any future false activations.
b) If applicable, a copy of the work order completed at the location correcting the problem that caused the specific false activation(s) in question.
c) A copy of any invoices or notifications sent to you regarding the activation(s) in question.

Contact the Alarm Billing Office

Phone (864)467-5434 or (864)467-5125
Monday-Friday 8:00-4:30
Fax (864)467-5430
Or Email Us at alarmbilling@gcso.org

False alarms count for 99% of all alarm activation calls responded to by Greenville County Sheriff’s Office. Community minded citizens in partnership with Greenville County Sheriff’s Office can overcome problems associated with excessive false alarms. Communication is the best armament to prevent false alarms.