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Criminal Investigations Division


The purpose and mission of the Criminal Investigation Division is to detect and arrest the perpetrators of the major crimes that occur within Greenville County. From murder to illegal narcotics is investigated by over fifty investigators. All of which are on call twenty four hours a day to respond to these crimes. The deputies in this division are dedicated to the cases they are assigned and feel strongly about solving these crimes that occur in our community.


The Criminal Investigations Division is comprised of 9 units, each tasked with conducting investigations into a variety of crimes. The units are the Auto Theft Unit, Cold Case Unit, Economic Crimes Unit, Homicide Unit, K-9 Services Unit, Missing Persons Unit, Property Crimes Unit, Robbery Unit and the Vice and Narcotics Unit.


The Auto Theft Unit is responsible for conducting investigations involving the theft of motor vehicles, motorcycles, and motorized construction equipment.


The Cold Case Unit primarily investigates homicides and missing person cases that remain unsolved for an extended period. A significant amount of time is spent on receiving and following up on tips and information received for all of the open cases in the Greenville County Sheriff's Office.


The Economic Crimes Unit investigates financial crimes, to include: Forgery, Financial Transaction Card Fraud, Financial Transaction Card Theft Device Fraud, Identity Fraud, Computer Fraud, Bank Fraud, Financial Elder Abuse Fraud, Counterfeiting and Financial Scams.


The Homicide Unit investigates aggravated assaults, homicides, suspicious deaths, accidental deaths, infant deaths, and suicides in an effort to determine the facts and circumstances surrounding the case. Investigators within the unit are highly trained and utilize skilled interviewing, forensic techniques, innovative thinking, and teamwork in a concerted effort to achieve justice for the victim and their family.


The Missing Person Unit is responsible for the follow-up investigation of adult missing person reports and to ensure a reported missing person is not the victim of foul play.


The Property Crimes Unit investigates burglaries, auto-breakings, larcenies, and other property related offenses. There are 12 investigators assigned to the Property Crimes Unit.


The Robbery Unit investigates armed robberies, robberies by force or intimidation, robberies by sudden snatching, home invasions, carjackings, business and bank robberies by utilizing modern investigative techniques to identify suspects.  


The Vice and Narcotics Unit conducts investigations related to illegal drugs and gambling in Greenville County.  They work highly complex cases involving multiple defendants with more emphasis placed on investigating and dismantling entire organizations. Many investigations are conducted with state and federal law enforcement agencies such as FBI and BATFE. This allows ready access to a wide variety of information and asset sharing programs that would otherwise be difficult to obtain.  This has resulted in numerous indictments on federal drug charges. The Vice & Narcotics Unit is also tasked with investigating methamphetamine cases and suspected meth labs within the county. This is a very hazardous and unpredictable assignment for the skilled men and women of the Sheriff's Office who enter, secure, and dismantle these operations.