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Citizens Advisory Board

The GCSO Citizens Advisory Board (CAB) will serve as an advisory board to the Greenville County Sheriff regarding issues that affect the safety of Greenville County residents. The Board will provide guidance and suggestions to the Sheriff on matters related to budget, staffing, crime prevention and community engagement. Its primary purpose is to improve communication and valuable information sharing between Greenville County residents and the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office. The ultimate goal is to improve the services provided to county residents by the Sheriff’s Office.

CAB will function as an approved panel of citizens consisting of no less than (24) members and (3) alternates. CAB members will be formally appointed by the Sheriff and their participation and contribution will be made solely on a volunteer basis. The members will be expected to provide the Sheriff with accurate and substantiated information related to safety issues as well as offer possible solutions to those issues on behalf of Greenville County residents. 

Regular, private CAB meetings will be held once a month. When necessary, special CAB meetings will be held as a public forum. These forums will afford the community an opportunity to directly address the Board about their needs, issues, or concerns as they relate to the function of the Sheriff’s Office. All Board proceedings will be recorded. The CAB will also be responsible to submit an annual report of its activities to the Sheriff.       

Board decisions will be made by votes, each member having one vote. The Board may also consist of an Executive Committee (appointed by the Sheriff), sub-committees (appointed by chairperson or Executive Committee) and task forces (formed by CAB members, if needed).

Open forum meeting dates and decisions made during regular meetings will be communicated to the public.

Special note:

CAB members must be residents and registered voters of Greenville County.

Persons not eligible for consideration include:

Individuals with a prior criminal history

Employees or former employees of the Greenville County Sheriff's Office

Family members of employees or former employees of the Greenville County Sheriff's Office

Employees or former employees of Greenville County

Family members of employees or former employees of Greenville County

Any sitting or former member of any legislative body with oversight to the Sheriff's Office 

CAB applicants will be subject to a criminal background check that includes, but is not limited to, records examination and fingerprinting.