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Community Services

The Community Services Division is tasked with handling special projects within the Sheriff's Office. It encompasses several specialized units for different approaches to law enforcement. The units which make up the Community Services Division are Property Crimes, Community Patrol, Crime Prevention, Directed Patrol, Environmental Enforcement, Gang Investigations, School Enforcement, Swamp Rabbit Trail Patrol, Traffic Enforcement, Vice/Narcotics and Cadets. 

Community Patrol

These deputies are assigned to various communities throughout Greenville County. Their primary mission is to resolve problems in those areas. They are often called upon to team up with other units to implement community strategies to resolve citizen's complaints. Deputies continually complete the verification of Sex Offender Addresses, Zest Quest with the schools, Compliance Checks with Enforcement of Underage Drinking Laws, and presentations with local Neighborhood Watch Groups.  They serve on a variety of committees or coalitions. 

Crime Prevention

As Communities seek ways to become involved in crime prevention, the Sheriff's Office has seen an increase in the requests for Neighborhood Watch and other safety programs. This unit can provide training on internet safety, personal safety, "stranger danger", senior citizen safety, and many other programs. 

Directed Patrol Unit

The Directed Patrol Unit (DPU) focuses on street level issues that affect the community as a whole.  This ranges from undercover operations, targeting prostitution, and street level drug sales to nuisance business complaints. This unit has the flexibility and knowledge to deal with whatever problems arise as well as assist in locating people and arresting those with outstanding warrants.  They are also used to identify potential gang members, which provides information to investigators and makes an impact on gang activities seen across the county. 

Environmental Enforcement

 The Environmental Enforcement Unit responds to and investigates all crimes involving litter and hazardous dumping within the county. They also oversee the public service workers in their clean-up activities, as well as assisting Vice and Narcotics with the clean-up of Methamphetamine manufacturing sites which are considered hazardous materials sites.   

Property Crimes

The Property Crimes Unit investigates burglaries, auto-breakings, larcenies, and other property related offenses. There are 12 investigators assigned to the Property Crimes Unit.

School Resource Officers

School Resource Officers (SROs) are law enforcement officers assigned to the school district.  This unit is made up of high school and middle school SROs as well as a floating SRO, and three investigators.  Not only does this unit serve the 9 middle schools and 7 high schools in the county, it also serves 33 elementary schools, 2 career centers, 3 alternative schools, 2 Child Development Centers, 2 specialized educational facilities and provides 74 crossing guards for elementary and middle schools in Greenville County.

An SRO's responsibilities include; law enforcement, teaching law related classes, counseling students, and educating parents and staff.  The three investigators investigate crimes that occur in locations where an SRO is not present, handle school district employee allegations and conduct in-depth investigations that would otherwise pull an SRO away from their assigned school. The investigators also conduct educational presentations concerning gangs and drugs. Contact School Enforcement

Traffic Enforcement

Traffic Enforcement patrols the highways and roadways of Greenville County.  This group of 16 deputies focuses their efforts on reducing the number traffic related fatalities and its largest contributing factor which is Driving Under the Influence.

The Traffic Unit is a participating member of multi-jurisdictional task forces.  Some of these task forces are county level and some are state level.  They participate in several state and national traffic campaigns such as Sober or Slammer, Buckle Up South Carolina, HEAT and Operation Thunderbolt.

Vice / Narcotics

The Vice and Narcotics Unit conducts investigations related to illegal drugs and gambling in Greenville County.  They continue to work more highly complex cases involving multiple defendants with more emphasis placed on investigating and dismantling entire organizations. Many investigations are conducted with state and federal law enforcement agencies such as FBI and BATFE. Additionally, they maintain a full-time position with the DEA Task Force.  This allows ready access to a wide variety of information and asset sharing programs that would otherwise be difficult to obtain.  In addition, this has resulted in numerous indictments related on federal drug charges. The Vice & Narcotics Unit is also tasked with investigating methamphetamine cases and suspected meth labs within the county. This is a very hazardous and unpredictable assignment for the skilled men and women of the Sheriff's Office who enter, secure, and dismantle these operations.

Cadet Program 

The Sheriff's Office Cadet Program is an extension of the Boy Scouts Explorer program.   The Cadet Program allows teens interested in law enforcement to receive a firsthand account of the profession. The cadets have been involved with multiple community service events and several hundred hours of community service work.  Cadets participate in a large number of training classes that teach them a variety of law enforcement skills and prepare them for careers in criminal justice.