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Community Services


Community Action Team

The Community Patrol Unit (CPU) exists to promote partnerships between the community, businesses, government, other State and County agencies and local law enforcement. The goal of the unit, and these partnerships, is to reduce crime and improve overall quality of life, while encouraging the community to determine its own needs through the exchange of ideas and problem solving techniques. CPU focuses on long term solutions to problems rather than short term fixes and is committed to to partnering with anyone, any group, or any agency which seeks to improve safety and the quality of life in Greenville County. Our CPU deputies seek to be the primary point of contact between the Sheriff's Office and the community, and or committed to knowing and being known in the areas to which they are assigned.

Environmental Enforcement

Environmental Enforcement is comprised of 3 commissioned deputies who are assigned to Community Patrol. They are responsible for responding to complaints of littering on public lands and unlawful dumping on public and private lands (When requested by land owners), as well as prevention efforts. Environmental enforcement are also responsible for conducting investigations into these crimes, both long and short term. They work in conjunction with County Codes, Road and Bridges, County Land Development, SC DHEC, and US EPA as required.

Environmental Services

Environmental Services is staffed by 5 non- sworn civilianís employees who include heavy equipment operators and 1 principle heavy equipment operator who serves as Crew Chief. They are directly supervised by the Environmental Enforcement Master Deputy who reports to the Community Patrol Sergeants.

EVS hand picks and operates various heavy equipment used to clean up areas designated as unlawful dumping and or littering sites by the environmental enforcement deputies.

The Environmental Services employees also supervise the Community Service workers assigned to the GCSO by Summary Courts and Municipal Courts.


The Mission of the Greenville County Sheriff's Office Chaplains is to provide guidance, counseling and support to all employees of the Sheriff's Office through a non-condemning effort to promote wholeness both physically, spiritually and emotionally. The Chaplains are also a support for families and victims on crime scenes upon request. The Chaplain program provides support regardless of religious or non-religious beliefs.

Crime Prevention

As communities seek ways to become involved in crime prevention, the Sheriff's Office has seen an increase in the requests for Neighborhood Watch and other safety programs. This unit can provide training on internet safety, personal safety, "stranger danger", senior citizen safety, and many other programs.

Public Affairs

The Public Affairs Office is designed to streamline communication and resources from local law enforcement to the community as whole. The Public Affairs unit serves as a liaison between the Greenville County Sheriff's Office and the citizens of Greenville County to ensure that they are made aware of the services that we provide.
The team also assists with community service initiatives and aids in the enhancement of morale within the Sheriff's Office.  The Public Affairs Office is responsible for developing relationships and programs that include crime, gang, drug prevention and alcohol abuse. Additional duties include the Safe Communities Coalition, maintaining the Sheriff's Office Ride-along Program, and the Citizens Advisory Board.
The Public Affairs unit also works closely with businesses and community leaders to share information with all parties pertaining to the safety and uplifting of the community along with promoting public awareness for community safety initiatives. The Public Affairs Office will monitor the level of satisfaction in the community from their interactions with the Sheriff's Office. If satisfaction levels decline, Public Affairs is tasked with identifying the cause and finding a solution to the issue.

Safe Communities 

Task Force Officers

Task Force Officers are assigned full time to Federal agencies as liaison's for the Sheriff's Office.

Technical Services Unit

The Technical Services Unit is one of the most diverse units within the Sheriff's Office. This unit is responsible for the Crime Analysis function at the Sheriff's Office, which handles requests for crime analysis/criminal activity data received regularly from a multitude of sources including, but not limited to the following:  the Sheriff, the Chief Deputy, investigators, uniformed deputies, community deputies, school resource deputies, administrators, local law enforcement agencies, as well as other agencies at the local, state and federal levels.

TSU is also responsible for the Greenville County website, video production/marketing, promotional material, video analysis, photography requests, mapping functions, investigative support, information sharing, BOLO production and distribution, Solicitor's Office support, security for LEC and other county facilities, Sheriff's Office cellphones as well as administering numerous software and website programs used throughout the Sheriff's Office.TSU often assists other agencies with major crimes through the use of cellphone analysis.