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Criminal Investigations Division (CID)

The Criminal Investigations Division is composed of 40 Sworn Full Time Deputies and 13 Civilian Employees. This Division is compiled of 14 different units which are: Arson, Auto Theft, Cold Case, Crimes Against Children, Data Recovery, Economic Crimes, Family Violence, Homicide, Missing Persons, Juvenile Crimes, Robbery, Sex Crimes, Sex Offender Registry, and Victim/Witness Advocates.


The Arson Unit is comprised of two full-time investigators who investigate cases involving burned property and/or explosions. They are also available to all the Fire Chiefs of Greenville County when fires are deemed suspicious in nature.

Auto Theft

The Auto Theft Unit investigates cases of Auto Theft, Use of Vehicle without Owner's Consent, and Chop Shops.  This unit is staffed with four full time investigators. 

Cold Case

The Cold Case Unit investigates unsolved violent crimes.  The investigators review the original case file, re-interview witnesses and victims and follow up on any new leads.  New forensic techniques applied to evidence can add a fresh perspective.  Some current investigations date back into the 1960s.  These investigators work diligently in an effort to clear some of Greenville County's oldest and unsolved crimes.

Crimes Against Children

In recognition of the fact that the victims of sexual assault are now predominantly children and that these investigations along with child abuse and neglect cases are similar in nature, the Crimes against Children Unit was created.  It allows the four investigators assigned to this unit to specialize in their field because these cases require unique skills and training.  Also, this unit will improve our service to child victims by providing in depth investigations which in turn increases the probability of successful prosecution in these important cases.

Data Recovery 

The Data Recovery Unit investigates computer crimes and internet predator cases within Greenville County. They also have the ability to retrieve evidentiary data from computers and phones which is crucial in the successful prosecution of criminal cases. The Data Recovery investigators also conduct monthly internet safety classes upon request.

Economic Crimes

The Economic Crimes Unit investigates cases of Fraud, Forgery and Computer Crimes.  This unit consists of six investigators. 

Family Violence

The Family Violence Unit investigates serious cases of Domestic Abuse.  These investigators tie cases together for graduated sentences during prosecution in court. 


The Homicide Unit investigates homicides, suicides, accidental and natural deaths, attempted suicides, missing persons and serious assaults.  This unit consists of seven investigators who are on call day and night. 

Youth Services

The Youth Services Unit investigates crimes involving the arrest of juveniles, as well as child neglect or abuse cases.  This unit has five full time investigators who work closely with the Department of Social Services, Department of Juvenile Justice, and the Juvenile Solicitor with Family Court.

Missing Persons

The Missing Persons Unit works to locate adults that have been reported missing in Greenville County.


The Robbery Unit investigates cases of Armed Robbery, Strong Armed Robbery, Attempted Armed Robbery and Carjacking.  This unit is staffed with four full time investigators.

Sex Crimes

The Sex Crimes Unit investigates cases of Criminal Sexual Conduct, Attempted Criminal Sexual Conduct, Lewd Act Offenses, Indecent Exposure, and Sexual Assaults.  This unit is staffed with three full time investigators.

Sex Offender Registry

The Sex Offender Registry maintains current contact and location information on all convicted Sex Offenders within Greenville County, including the municipalities.

Victim/Witness Advocates

The Victim Advocates Unit helps the victims of crimes from the incident date all the way through the trial.  The role of an advocate is quite unique.  Though they are not investigators, their role in the Criminal Justice System is quite simple.  They guide survivors of crime through the aftermath of the traumatic event 24 hours a day through crisis intervention, financial assistance, referrals to many of the excellent service agencies in our area.  They also provide information on the Criminal Justice System, as well as serving as a liaison between the survivor and the investigator, and simply just being there to talk.