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Environmental Enforcement

Environmental Enforcement started at the beginning of 2010 with a renewed outlook which included multi-tasking, better use of personnel, increased community service pool workers, and actively seeking out large illegal dump sites.  As a result, we went from 621,372 pounds of litter removed from the county to 1,121,446 pounds of litter removed.  This increased remediation effort almost doubled the amount of trash and litter taken off the roadways of Greenville County.

One of the new things that has helped the environmental crew is the continued use and expansion of the Magistrate Community Service Program.  With Probation and Parole, Pre-Trial Intervention, the County Magistrates, we have also added Drug Court as a source for community service workers to handpick the roadways. 

We have found and remediated several large illegal dump sites, especially on the Westside of Greenville.  These large sites often include construction debris, waste shingles, automobile tires and the like.  We have picked up sofas, large refrigerators, cabinetry, oven ranges, and other scraps material.  Many of the sites have no real evidence that can lead to an arrest.  The sites with evidence have the individuals summoned and charged if there is no explanation for the litter or dump site.

2010 Statistics

1,015 Litter Complaints  (51% Increase over 2009)

96 Litter Arrests   ( 4% Decrease from 2009)

929 Litter Sites Cleaned  (20% Increase over 2009)

1,121,446 # of Litter Removed  ( 95% Increase over 2009)

43,800 # of County Litter Removed  (49% Decrease From 2009)

$18,959 in fines collected for litter  (24% Increase over 2009)

8,878 of Public Service hours  (1% Increase over 2009)