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Freedom of Information Act


As permitted by the South Carolina FOIA, the Greenville County Sheriff's Office has established the following fees for the research and production of records required to respond to a request for information submitted under the FOIA.


$32.00 @ hr. for research and processing

$0.14 for each black and white printed page

$0.25 for each color printed page

$5.00 for each CD or DVD disc required to preserve a digital copy of a record.


Research and processing will be calculated to the nearest quarter hour.


Please take note that the FOIA permits the Sheriff's Office to require a deposit, not to exceed 25% of the estimated fee to produce a response, before beginning to process a request.


Click here for our FOIA request form


Email: SheriffFOIArequest@greenvillecounty.org

Click here for the SC State Law regarding Freedom of Information