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Give Smart

The 23-HEART (Homelessness Education, Assistance, Reduction and Transition) initiative was established by the Greenville County Sheriff's Office, in partnership with the Greenville Police Department, to provide a productive framework of cooperation among local law enforcement, non-profit organizations, businesses and faith-based groups which focuses on adequately addressing and providing solutions for the growing problem of homelessness in Greenville County.

In addition to the 23-HEART cooperative, a hotline has been established for anyone seeking emergency or transitional shelter, food provisions and medical care. The hotline numbers are 864-23HEART or 833-23HEART (toll-free).

We welcome you to watch this short film "Give Smart: The Cost of Panhandling" and learn more about our partnership with the Greenville Police Department to combat illegal panhandling in our county. We encourage cash donations for the homeless to be given ONLY to organizations that specialize in helping the homeless transition off the streets and into housing and employment.  

To view the “Give Smart: The Cost of Panhandling” video on Facebook click the following link. https://www.facebook.com/pg/Greenville-County-Sheriffs-Office-274184402705200/

Miracle Hill- http://miraclehill.org/

Click here to donate to Miracle Hill

Alston Wilkes Society-http://www.alstonwilkessociety.org/

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The Salvation Army

Click here to donate to The Salvation Army of the Carolinas

Mercy Center - http://triunemercy.org/

Click here to donate to the Triune Mercy Center

United Ministries -https://united-ministries.org/

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New Horizon Family Health Services Inc. - http://www.newhorizonfhs.org/programs/health-care-for-the-homeless/