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Judicial Support Services

The Judicial Services Division is responsible for arrest warrant service, court security, service of civil processes, fugitive apprehension and extradition, arrest warrant and courtesy summons data entry and maintenance, and prisoner and mental health transports.  Because of the diversity of tasks and duties that Judicial Services perform they continually seek creative and innovative ideas, means and methods to expedite their services.

The Judicial Services Division works collaboratively with local, state and federal agencies to ensure the best and highest delivery of services to the citizens and visitors of Greenville County as well as the co-professional external and internal clients of the Sheriff's Office.

Civil Process

The deputies assigned to the Civil Process Unit serve civil papers throughout Greenville County.  These papers include Orders of Protection, Orders of Immediate Possession, Writ of Assistance, Decree of Foreclosure and Sales, and Property Levees.

Court Security

Our court deputies work tirelessly to ensure secure courthouses for judges, courthouse employees, and our citizens. Applying a "team" approach, our courthouses have become statewide models.  Family Court and General Sessions Court deputies screen over 365,000 people annually through their magnetometers.


The Extradition Unit travels across the United States to bring offenders to justice.  Deputies must make arrangements with other agencies and secure the most appropriate method of travel for return to Greenville County for prosecution.


The Fugitive Unit is tasked with the apprehension of Greenville's most dangerous defendants.  They work with several of the Sheriff's Office units to complete their assignments.


Deputies are tasked with transporting individuals throughout the state. Over 14,000 prisoners a year are transported between State Department of Corrections facilities and local courtrooms.  Juvenile Offenders are transported to and from Department of Juvenile Justice facilities.  Deputies also transport court ordered mental patients to and from mental hospitals within the state. 


The Warrant Unit is responsible for the receipt, entry, service and return of arrest warrants within Greenville County.