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Professional Standards

E911-The Greenville County Office of E911 is responsible for accurate and timely 911 call delivery to eight Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) in Greenville County.  Additionally, the E911 Office maintains the County's Master Street Address Guide (MSAG) and is responsible for addressing all of Greenville County, with the exception of the City of Greenville.

Legal and Grants - The Legal and Grants Office serves the men and women of the GCSO by providing legal resources, including pre-litigation preparation, and seeking funding for projects both large and small.   They provide guidance on questions about how to charge, best practices for safe, legal, law enforcement techniques, and how to most effectively seek and fund projects and equipment needs.

The Office of Professional Standards - is committed to ensuring that the oath that our deputies took is being upheld to the highest standard.  Our responsibilities include investigating internal inspections of each division of the Sheriff’s Office, complaints from the general public, policy and state law violations by Sheriff’s Office employees, and Deputy involved shootings.

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Polygraph Unit- The goal of the polygraph unit is to utilize the latest scientific methods of detecting deception in order to maintain the integrity of all employees within the Sheriff's Office, assist with the screening of potential Sheriff's Office employees and also assist with any criminal investigations.

Professional Compliance Unit- The primary responsibility of this unit is to meet, maintain and document all of the standards required to maintain both national and state Law Enforcement Accreditation through CALEA.

Supply/Property Control- This unit is responsible for equipping the Sheriff's Office personnel with the necessary equipment to perform their duties; they are also responsible for purchasing all office furniture and equipment along with evidence destruction and redistribution.