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Selective Enforcement Division


This unit provides a specialized function that assist with many operations throughout the region.  The Air Support aircrews assist with locating missing persons, criminals that may have otherwise eluded ground units during manhunts, fly cover for ground operations (tracking, surveillance, narcotic operations), assist with extraditions, and also assist other agencies when there is a need for air support.  The Aviation unit currently consists of 2 OH58 Bell Jet Rangers, 1 Cessna C182 Skylane, and 1 Bell UH-1H Huey. 

Directed Patrol Unit

The Directed Patrol Unit (DPU) focuses on street level issues that affect the community as a whole. This ranges from undercover operations, targeting prostitution, and street level drug sales to nuisance business complaints. This unit has the flexibility and knowledge to deal with whatever problems arise as well as assist in locating people and arresting those with outstanding warrants. They are also used to identify potential gang members, which provides information to investigators and makes an impact on gang activities seen across the county.

Hazardous Device/Arson Team 

The Hazardous Device/Arson Team investigates suspicious fires, suspicious packages, and recovery of explosives and unused ordinance.  They render safe and dispose of all explosive and hazardous devices. This team provides tactical support for SWAT; their duties include breaching and handling of any hazardous devices that may be discovered on active calls. 

Interdiction (G.H.O.S.T.)

This newly formed unit within the Sheriff's Office in 2017, has proven to be a valuable asset to the agency and the county of Greenville.  The Greenville Highway Operations and Specialized Traffic unit has been responsible for conducting, criminal interdiction operations on the interstates within our county.  The unit conducts many complex investigations alongside other agencies (federal and local), airport and parcel interdiction, and has been requested to assist with several Task Force operations throughout the state of South Carolina.  Their goal is to detect, intercept, and prevent the movement of any prohibited commodity or wanted persons.  In 2017, the G.H.O.S.T. team located and seized over 447 pounds of illegal drugs, 23 illegal guns, 221 cartons of illegal cigarettes, $123,116 in cash, located 6 fugitives, made 60 arrests, recovered 2 stolen cars, and seized 86 fraudulent credit cards.  The current team consists of 4 members. 2 of these members have K9 partners.

K-9 Services (864) 895-0178

The K-9 Unit provides support to all the divisions within the Greenville County Sheriff's Office. Their primary duties include tracking lost or missing persons, tracking wanted persons, finding evidence or lost property, conducting building searches, serving high risk warrants and locating illegal narcotics.

Traffic Enforcement

This unit is responsible for enforcement of traffic laws within the State of South Carolina and their primary focus is the reduction of traffic related fatalities.  The unit conducts collision investigations and reconstructions as needed.  Their goals are to educate drivers through awareness of safety, addressing negligence and bad driving habits, and prevention of loss of life and property damage through enforcement.  In 2017, the Traffic Unit increased public contacts from the previous year, going from 11,445 in 2016 to 27,377 by the end of 2017. Fatalities were reduced from 87 in 2016 down to 76 in 2017.