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Special Operations Division

Welcome Statement

The Special Operations Division is composed of deputies who have advanced skill levels in specialized fields of law enforcement.  These individuals put in countless hours at their assigned duties while being on permanent call back status to respond to critical incidents.  This division responds to regional events of large scale incidents regarding chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear substances.  We take pride in having the privilege to serve the citizens of Greenville. We thank you for your support.

Mazur Center for Advanced Training (MCAT)

MCAT provides training to approximately six thousand students annually. In addition to sheriff's office personnel; state, federal and municipal agencies within Greenville County utilize our facilities. These students receive annual in-service training, as well as basic and advanced courses regarding firearms and vehicle operations.  All new deputies must complete a pre-academy class, the SC Criminal Justice academy and a post academy class upon completion of graduation.

Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT)

The SWAT team provides tactical support for the Sheriff's Office, as well as state, local and federal agencies as needed. A full time unit of team members is assigned to work high crime areas. They aid in the service of high risk search and arrest warrants, as well as responding to high risk incidents, such as hostage situations and barricaded subjects. SWAT works in conjunction with MCAT in firearm and tactical training for deputies by enabling them to respond effectively to high risk incidents.
They also train agencies throughout the state in basic SWAT classes.        

Dive Team

The Dive Team responds to water related incidents; such as possible drownings in natural bodies of water, submerged vehicles, missing boats/boaters, swift water rescue, and evidence recovery.

Dignitary Protection Team

The Dignitary Protection Team provides protection and escort of government officials, high profile officials and dignitaries. This group of specially trained men and women work hand in hand with local, state, and federal agencies during presidential debates and visits, and other political events involving governors, senators, and other government officials from across the world.

Hazardous Device/Arson Team 

The Hazardous Device/Arson Team investigates suspicious fires, suspicious packages, and recovery of explosives and unused ordinance.  They render safe and dispose of all explosive and hazardous devices. This team provides tactical support for SWAT; their duties include breaching and handling of any hazardous devices that may be discovered on active calls.