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Warrant Services Division

The Warrant Services Division of the Greenville County Sheriff's Office encompasses providing security services to the General Sessions Court, Family Court, Probate Court, and the County Square facility. The Division's enforcement arm includes the service of both criminal and civil process, fugitive apprehension, extradition, and transport.

This Division has flourished because the men and women throughout its ranks have taken a vision and made it a reality with their dedication and professionalism.  Collectively, there could not be a better group of deputies and civilian personnel to provide support to the judicial system and tirelessly work to bring wanted fugitives to justice.

Court Security- This unit is responsible for the screening of all individuals entering their respective building in which assigned and the overall safety and security of all occupants inside.  The deputies provide security for all parties involved in cases being heard.   This unit oversees, houses, and transports prisoners that are in custody with Greenville County Detention Center to ensure their presence at any necessary court appearances.  This unit is responsible for General Sessions, Family Court, and also for County Square which houses Greenville's Probate Court.

Extradition/Transport- The Extradition Unit travels across the United States to bring offenders to justice.  Deputies must make arrangements with other agencies and secure the most appropriate method of travel for return to Greenville County for prosecution.

Deputies assigned to the Transport unit are tasked with transporting individuals throughout the state. Over 14,000 prisoners a year are transported between State Department of Corrections facilities and local courtrooms.  Juvenile Offenders are transported to and from Department of Juvenile Justice facilities.  Deputies also transport court ordered mental patients to and from mental hospitals within the state. 

Warrants- The Warrant Unit is responsible for the receipt, entry, service and return of arrest warrants within Greenville County. This unit also consists of civilian staff responsible for all Data Entry and the maintenance of records and logs.

Civil Unit- bmm@gcsocivil.com 
The deputies assigned to the Civil Process Unit serve civil papers throughout Greenville County.  These papers include Orders of Protection, Orders of Immediate Possession, Writ of Assistance, Decree of Foreclosure and Sales, and Property Levees. This unit recently took on service of documents for all DSS hearings in Greenville County as well.

Fugitive Apprehension and Special Investigations Team (FASIT)- This newly formed unit has proven to be a valuable asset, not only to the Sheriff’s Office, but to the numerous agencies they assist in locating and apprehending, some of the most dangerous criminals in our county.  They work with several Sheriff's Office units to complete their assignments.  This unit has been trained and equipped to apprehend those individuals that pose the greatest threats to our community.  This unit will conduct extensive investigations, surveillance, use undercover techniques, and be available for call out to enable them to make the apprehensions.  All of this is done in a manner to increase the safety of the community, the deputies, and the defendants they are apprehending. Since the team's inception in March 2017, this group has served over 600 felony warrants and recovered 10 guns off the streets during investigations.  The fugitive unit also has a TFO assigned to the US Marshal Fugitive Task force.