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TRIP (TRU Ride Initiative Patrol) will give residents of Greenville County a unique opportunity to experience a day in the life of one of our deputies. We encourage anyone who is interested in either learning more about law enforcement or benefitting from understanding the complex nature of policing in the 21st century to apply.  

Ride Along Application
* Applicants Must Be 18 years of age or older
- No audio or visual recording will be permitted by a TRIP participant.
- Initial approval for an applicant's participation is not guaranteed.
- Approval for repeat participation requests is not guaranteed.
- Concealed carry is not permitted by participants.
- Business casual attire is required
- A ride-along will be scheduled for no sooner than 7 days after applicants are notified of approval to participate in TRIP.
*After completing the online application, obtain a Background Check Release form and a Release of Liability form from the front desk and complete those forms.
These forms will be attached to a blank application. Disregard that application of you have already filled it out and just complete the background release and release of liability.
Submit the Background Check Release and Release of Liability, together, to the front desk deputy.