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Uniform Patrol

Welcome Statement

Uniform Patrol is the front line in the battle against crime in Greenville County. Uniform Patrol deputies are the first responders to emergency and non-emergency dispatched calls for service and incidents they observe while on patrol.  Uniform Patrol deputies are assigned to five platoons. Four platoons rotate between day and night shifts every six weeks while the fifth platoon is assigned to work an overlapping shift during the highest call volume times of the day. All deputies work twelve hour shifts to ensure the maximum coverage within the beat areas they are working.

Uniform Patrol is where new deputies start their career. Typically the new deputies start with orientation and a two week pre-academy class before going to the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy for twelve weeks of intensive training.  The deputies return to Uniform Patrol for an equally intensive fourteen weeks of field training before they assume duties as a solo unit. 

This division is also responsible for the Sheriff's Office vehicle budget.  The primary function after receiving the yearly budget is to order and outfit all vehicles assigned to the Sheriff's Office.  They monitor the mileage, damage, and repairs of all vehicles to determine when a vehicle should be replaced.  It is their responsibility to assure the Deputies are receiving quality well maintained vehicles for their assignments.